mobile app development for busy small business owners

We create highly polished iOS & Android apps for small and medium businesses. We also know a thing or two about branding, websites, and user acquisition.

Why You Will Love Our Platform.


app dashboard

We provide you with the easiest mobile app management dashboard so you can make changes on a fly and a custom CRM to manage your customers.


cross platform

You mobile app is published to iOS, Android, and HTML5 so it reaches everybody’s device.


boost sales

With our wide array of functionality, we provide you with solutions to increase sales, brand awareness, & reach more clients.

Mobile App Development

Think & Save

The journey from app idea to launch day can be a long one. We guide our clients through the process from start to finish, combining their passion with our industry experience to create beautiful mobile apps that solve real-world problems.

Mobilize Your Business

IdealApps provides you with a turnkey solution for your very own, customized mobile app for your business. IdealApps enables brands to reach customers across any connected device. We help continue to pave the road for Multi-screen as a Service (MaaS) – one of few fully integrated services platforms that enables brands to engage, manage, monetize their anytime anywhere users. IdealApps has introduced category defining experiences  that challenge the outer limits of the most advanced connected devices for the world’s most respected brands.

Powerful Features

Want to increase customer loyalty or send notifications directly to your clients? Going mobile gives you the ability to engage your base like no other platform. Having placement on your client’s mobile device, is real estate you cannot afford ignore. Our apps come with tons of great features to further enhance your brand and connection with your audience.

How We Work

We work together to define each part of the mobile app development process. That means defining features sets, platforms, and ensuring the app can launch in desired time-frame.

UX/UI Design

With a solid plan in place, we get to work drawing up wire-frames and mapping out the user experience (UX). Our user interface (UI) designers pick it up from there to create the graphical elements, branding assets, and style guide.


At this point our team of iPad, Android, iPhone app developers step in to bring your vision to life. Setting up databases, core logic, and dynamic screen behaviors ensures your users have a fast, seamless, and immerse experience.


Submitting your iPhone app to the iTunes app store or Android app to the Google Play is an art form in itself. We work closely with your team to ensure that marketing material, graphics, and app assets are ready for public launch.

who. we. are.



Our technology empowers countless apps in the marketplace today. You can count on us to deliver solutions that will provide real value for your business



for any business

Our platform is robust and can handle the needs for nearly any organization. Let’s talk today and see how we can help you achieve your mobile needs.


so many reasons to fall in love

Smart Push

Send specific user groups targeted Push Notifications

Smart Sync

Update your app without resubmitting to the app store

Social Walls

Create your own in app social network

Mobile Shopping

Instantly turn your Shopify account into a mobile store

Loyalty Programs

Keep your most loyal customers coming back with incentives


Include Podcasts, YouTube, Vimeo, MP3’s and Videos


Create a directory of locations with info and directions


All your business info at the touch of a button

Source Code Editors

Easily include any custom HTML or iframes

RSS Feed

Instantly sync your RSS feeds right into the app

Web View

Connect to anything on the web inside the app

Event Calendars

Create manual events or sync your iCal feed

Graphic Designer

Don’t have a graphic designer or just don’t have the time? Simply send us your logo and we’ll create the app artwork for you.

Free Updates

At IdealApps, we don’t believe in nickel and diming you like those “other” guys. When we release a new feature or update the system, we release it to you at no additional monthly cost.


Equipping your community is a snap. Make your messages, videos, and music available with the click of a button by manually entering and categorizing them or just simply link to your feed for instant syncing.

Easy To Use

No IT experience or coding required. We’ve created the system so that anyone of any level, whether staff or volunteer, can easily manage your app.

Ongoing Development

Our development efforts are focused on empowering you in exciting and innovative ways, which is why we roll out new features and updates just about every quarter. All of which you get at no additional monthly cost.

Instant Updates

No need to bother users with frequent updates, when changes are made to your app’s content or functionality, simply click publish, and BAM! it goes live across all your users’ devices.

start your mobile app today

Free Add-ons. Free Updates. Free Support. Live Updates. Unlimited Submissions.