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our mission

Our mission is about more than technology; it’s about relationships. We enable people and organizations to connect, engage, and communicate effectively through easy to use, high quality mobile applications.

who we are

IdealApps is a team of success driven individuals who came together to solve the pain that is mobile app development. We saw thousands of businesses building mobile applications on budgets they couldn’t afford and we saw hundreds of thousands of businesses that needed a mobile app but couldn’t afford it. Using the team’s expert knowledge, we built a platform that helps businesses afford and maintain a mobile app easily and at a significantly lower cost than a traditional mobile development company.

what we do

IdealApps is the leading mobile app development platform choice for businesses, organizations, and individuals. With our intuitive system and highly responsive customer support, we help hundreds of businesses build mobile apps every day. With our rapid app development platform and infinitely open architecture, we’ll be here to serve you both now and far into the future.

About us

“Be strong you never know who you are inspiring.”

Johnathan Jones



resources for you

When you become a client with IdealApps, you’ll get more than just an app. To make your experience as easy as possible, we also provide you with tutorial videos, print ready materials (bulletin inserts, flyers, digital graphics, etc.), best practice methods, tips of the week, dedicated landing page, promo video specifically for your  app, and much more right from your dashboard homepage.

we do

all the heavy lifting

We know you’re busy and, therefore, we want to make getting your app developed and live as easy as possible. Once you sign, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. From creating your graphics to handling your initial content build-out to submitting your app to the App Stores to providing you with resources to promote your app, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll get you built out and live within just 3 to 4 weeks.

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